how to hide page item ?

  • In our Kalender on page 2557 I d like to hide one event . For example event on 12 of July. (Sommercamp) How can I do that ?

    The event is in this Kalender:

    div.mep_flex, .mep-default-content div.mep-default-feature-date-location, .mep-default-theme div.mep-default-feature-date, .mep-default-theme div.mep-default-feature-time, .mep-default-theme div.mep-default-feature-location, .mep-default-theme i, div.mep-default-sidrbar-meta, .mep-default-sidrbar-address ul li, .mep-default-sidrbar-events-schedule h3, ul.mep-social-share, ul.mep-social-share a, #mep_add_calender_button.mep-add-calender, button.single_add_to_cart_button, div.mep_spring_date, div.franklin_divided, div.bristol_divided, div.bristol_center_box, div.bristol_center_box .mep-default-sidrbar-price-seat, .mep_spring_date .mep-default-sidrbar-social, .bristol .mep-default-sidrbar-social, div.mep-related-events-sec div.mep_event_list_sec, .mep-list-footer ul li, .mep-list-footer ul li i, .mep_event_list .mep_event_list_sec div.mep_event_list_item, div.mep_event_list div.mage_grid_box, button.single_add_to_cart_button, .mep-events-wrapper .mage_input_group {

    display: -webkit-flex;

    display: flex;


    how can I hide one element in the kalender ?

    Thank you very much.

  • I was going to say first that you should look for an id or a unique class, but somehow I can't find anything unique about it. If the data-title is always unique, you could do it like this

    1. div[data-title="Sommercamp"] {
    2. display:none !important;
    3.  }

    or with Javascript

    1. document.querySelector('div[data-title="Sommercamp"] ').style.display='none' ;

    Sorry my English is not good