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Thema: [Englisch] - Text richtig!?

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    Beitrag [Englisch] - Text richtig!?

    ich habe eine Frage an euch, hoffe mir kann jemand helfen!

    Ich muss für die Schule einen Text komplett in Englisch (Past Tense) verfassen.
    Der Text ist völlig selber ausgedacht. Ich möchte gerne wissen ob der Text so in Englisch richtig ist!

    Wäre über richtige Antworten zum Text sehr erfreut!

    In the 4th class we did a final journey to the castle Altena. In Castle Altena is a youth hostel, in there we 3 Nights slept. As we came, we got as first our rooms assigned. I was with Sven, Fabian, Jonas in a room. After got we our beds, we met the teacher in the day room. There we discussed the program of the next days. As first visit we the castle Altena from indoor. It was very interesting how the people lived earlier! At 18 o'clock we have eaten. We went to a play evening and after to bed. Because we could not sleep, told we scary storys. Suddenly we noted bright lights in front of the window. We got angst and conferred what it was. Sven meant, it was a thunderstorm. But there were no noises! Jonas meant, that would was the ghost from the castle. Us became uncannier and uncannier! We ran to the corridor. There stood already the rest of the class. We decided to search together the teacher, we stormed into Mr. Kleins room, he was surprised, as we stood all together before him. He asked what would have happened him and we told about the odd lights. Mr. Klein went with us together out. On the way told we to the teacher about the ghosts whom we had seen out of the window. As we after came outdoor, laughing he. These were no ghosts, but summer lightning! We were relieved that there was a normal explanation of it. Relieved we went to bed back to the rooms and were able to fell asleep. The next day was a walk day. In the evening came we tiredly back. After we organised a quiz, we went to bed. We laughed at the yesterday's evening. And also soon fell asleep. We woke up at 24 o'clock, because we heard strange sounds.It sounded like the tick a big clock. But we had no clock nearby of our room seen. Only I an Fabian heard it after some time. After longer time, heard it the others too! We waited short time, suddenly we heard knocking. We opened the door and dared slowly successively out. We went on tiptoe out and saw just a white figure the way under fleeing. Bravely we ran to there. - in direction the staircases. There we saw the malefactors! Different teenager had probably a joke themselves allow. They stood laughing in the hall and had themselves put over bedsheet. Now we understood that, that this was only a gag. Only I know to this day not, where the Sounds came here.
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    Standard AW: [Englisch] - Text richtig!?

    Sorry aber der text ist vollkommen flasch. Wie du die wörter in deinen sätzen platszierst macht oft überhaupt keinen sinn.

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