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    Standard Flash Displacements

    Hi all,

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting several Flash apps to display properly in IE. If the apps are displayed individually in a page they work fine .... but when several are put together in one page, they render from the middle of the <OBJECT> window, not the top left. .....
    see attached image (I am using the charts from note that the code is identical for all 4 charts)

    Works fine on firefox..... breaks in IE 5, 6, 7.

    There are suggestions that this is an IE cache problem ....however, I have tried placing the following tags in my page, but they have no effect:

    <META HTTP-EQUIV="cache-control" CONTENT="no-cache"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="pragma" CONTENT="no-cache"> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="Fri, Jun 12 1981 08:20:00 GMT">

    The Flash apps retrieve data from an XML file using a URL .... I have placed a unique ID in that URL to bypass any caching of the XML file, but this also does not work.

    I still suspect it is a caching issue, but I cant find a workaround.

    Has anyone else had this kind of issue with multiple Flash apps in IE?
    .... any ideas for a solution?

    Thank you

    PS If you want to see the picture, please let me know: dennis_binsfeld @ yahoo . com

    Just have a look in my source code:
    <div id="body2row1datablock1">
    <OBJECT ALIGN="" id="gauge" HEIGHT="158" WIDTH="240" codebase=",0,0,0" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"><PARAM VALUE="/swf/gauge.swf?library_path=/swf/&amp;xml_source=/stylesheets/Flash/data/GaugeAData.xml%3FignoreStaticPage%3Dtrue%26uniqueI D%3D1158104199859" NAME="movie"><PARAM VALUE="high" NAME="quality"><PARAM VALUE="white" NAME="bgcolor">
    <EMBED PLUGINSPAGE="" TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash" ALIGN="" NAME="gauge" HEIGHT="158" WIDTH="240" bgcolor="white" quality="high" src="/swf/gauge.swf?library_path=/swf/&amp;xml_source=/stylesheets/Flash/data/GaugeAData.xml%3FignoreStaticPage%3Dtrue%26uniqueI D%3D1158104199859" id="myembed2"></EMBED>
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